The name is derived from Belte’Shazzar (Daniel) of the Biblical times. The name has been thought to mean; “God protects the King” and/or “the Keeper of the Secrets of Bel”

Well, i do not worship bel, rather, I serve Elohim, the GOD of all the earth. So the name is El’Shazzar.

I have translated it to mean; “God save the King”, which is hailing the King-Priest (me) the same way you hail the queen of England (God save the Queen).

The second translation is; “the Keeper of the Secrets of God”. As a King-priest, I have access to the mysteries of God, I know his mind. It is the honor of Kings to search them out (1cor 4:1).

So, this site is dedicated to the knowledge of the deep things. You might see them in poems and such, keep an open mind and enjoy it…


                 OLAYINKA Olakunle Daniel