The sweet romance has turned rather sour
The lovers walk around with a sigh
They don’t like it as life gets more dour
Oh, I gotta bailout lest I die

        “It never was like this,” he says
        ” he has started keeping secrets ”
        “She talks too much, never discrete”
        “He comes late, even on weekdays”

Hey! Will you two start talking or something?
Things like this can be solved by communing
Communication keeps the love alive
You can make it work; let this love survive

Proposed, but the girl has not said, ‘yes!’
She hasn’t said no, but she likes him
The man does his utmost to impress
Sweat a bit more, your love can’t go dim

        “Quite stranded, what more can I do?”
        “He loves me, he would stand the time”

       “But then is she Worth the trouble?”

        “Giving him the test is no crime”

Girl, if you really love him, please say so
Look, you are not respecting his courage
If you tarry long enough, he will go
Time is no love-o-meter or love-gauge

The son has gone for a long while now
But his old man loves him all the same
He misses the child more as death prowls
Oh, but the bastard brought him to shame

        “So sorry, but he hates me still”
        “If only he could right his wrong”
        “What he thinks of me is for ill”
        “But the past cannot be restrung'”

Dad , stop causing yourself undue heartache
The boy came from your loins, he needs your love
Let down your killing pride for your health’s sake
Boy, go back and confront his boxing glove

He is Innocent, but he is jailed
He is yet to be sentenced in court
Been there for years; night and day he prayed
God help him lest he dies in the rot

        “I petitioned with no response”
        “The law and its verdict are just”
        “The damn rats feast on me in turns”
        “The government will do has she must”

Judge, will you open your eyes and see light?
Open your file and see the injustice
Why make the process long, lacking in sight?
Do the needful and revisit the case

The men worked, their salaries unpaid
The government gives them flimsy reasons
The kids go hungry, their skin seems flayed
Pressure packs, wives given to musings

        “The kids have been sent back from school”
        “Sure, they can endure ths trouble”
        “My wife keeps calling me a fool”
        “They suffered same way last tenure”

Please wipe the tears of this people
They have earned their pay, let them enjoy it
Policies that helps high, low and middle
Make them and stop the economic hits

So, people; talk! And respect the views of others
Doing this will promote peaceful coexistence
Remove tension from spirit and bodybody
It’s the best thing in any relationship

I am El’Shazzar
I really wanna commune with you
I wanna hear from you too.

Twitter: @daniels1olak



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