This is for all lovers of poetry. This is a poetry form arranged and policed by OLAYINKA Olakunle Daniel.
The word Duodacy is derived from two Latin words: duodecim and acies
Duodecim means twelve; acies means array, debate, battle arrangement etc. Acies is also linked with ordo which means order, array, rank, sequence etc

The Duodacy is a poem of twelve lines divided into three quatrains (four lines each). These quatrains are the 3Ss of the Duodacy. They are; Syntax, Soliloquy and Solution.
The first quatrain is called the Syntax. The Syntax gives general information about the poem, it highlights the problem the subject(s) is/are facing. It ends in the rhyming pattern (abab)
The second quatrain is called the Soliloquy/conversation. This highlights two different persons or groups having their different thoughts (soliloquy) concerning the problem at hand. It could also be a conversation between two people (or groups) who are not in agreement or in relative agreement to the problem in question. The first person/group is the first Subject, the second person/group is the second Subject. The quatrain is thus divided into subject1-subject2-subject1-subject2 argument. The rhyming structure is (cdcd)
The third Quatrain is the Solution/verdict/advice. This is from the perspective of an observer who is in the capacity to give advice or verdict to the problem in question. There is no rule guarding the rhyming structure.

An example of a Duodacy is culled from ‘Painful Silence’ by OLAYINKA Olakunle Daniel;

The son has gone for a long while now
But his old man loves him all the same
He misses the child more as death prowls
Oh, but the bastard brought him to shame
        “So sorry, but he hates me still”
        “If only he could right his wrong”
        “What he thinks of me is for ill”
        “But the past cannot be restrung”

Dad , stop causing yourself undue heartache
The boy came from your loins, he needs your love
Let down your killing pride for your health’s sake
Boy, go back and confront his boxing glove

Rules and regulation guiding Duodacy

1. The poem has 12 lines, no more, no less

2. It is divided into three Quatrains; the Syntax, Soliloquy and Solution

3. The rhyming structure must be in the order; abab:cdcd:****

4. Each line must contain between 8 to 12 syllables in any quatrain and must be adopted for the whole quatrain

5. The number of syllables adopted for any one quatrain does not affect the syllabification of any other quatrain. But the number of syllables adopted in any one quatrain must be constant throughout the quatrain.

6. The last Quatrain (Solution) is not guided by any rhyming structure to give free flow of expression, but the syllabification must be constant when established in the first line of the quatrain.

7. The second Quatrain (Soliloquy) must be bounded by quotation marks and must be indentured (I.e tabs for computer keyboard)

8. The First quatrain is in free format, the second quatrain in italics, the third quatrain in bold; for soft copy documentation.

9. There must be a heading to the poem, one which summarily announces the Duodacy. This shall be in capitals if the Duodacy is single. The heading shall be in bold and a full line space between the main body if the poem is a string of duodacies.

The Duodacy shall be a name adopted for the poetry form until a better word for it ensues. Thank you
I would really enjoin poetry writers experiment with this poetry form to encourage the inventor. I know it will be fun and educative.
The Duodacy can also be stringed to form a collection of duodacies, but all with the same theme. I will soon release a string of duodacies as an example

Thank you
OLAYINKA Olakunle Daniel

Let’s take this together to the next level, let’s publicize it together. Let poets all over the world experiment with this new form of poetry.

A reference of the inventor will be appreciated though. As duodacies are been composed, this few considerations should be put there;

Hash tags: #duodacy    #new       #poetry

And a way of reference: @el.shazzar (on Instagram); 

@daniels1olak (on twitter), at the base of every duodacy written.

Thank you very much



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