Queues are mind-bogglingly boring, that’s a give
Plus, people are impatient, understandably
But then, they cheat, dropping all facades of principles
Caring not on whose foot they trod

Is it indiscipline that makes them cheat?
They blame it on time, maybe they are right
Or maybe not, mayhap it’s become innate
Forgetting the needs of others as they propagate theirs


#Duodacy11: The Imperial Queue-Trooper

The Line is long and the sun, overhead
Inform the last man on the queue, she does
She’s behind him but she need ease her legs
At last her turn, she walks back in, the boss
“hey! What are you doing? There is a queue, you know?”
         “I was here before you, had to duck from the sun”
         “really? Those who waited patiently are fools, no?”
         “Don’t know, all I know is I am here for my turn”
Miss, you know that behavior is unfair, right?
Cared to think how you’d feel in the person’s stead?
Patience is a virtue, make it a habit
Discomfort is transient, it will surely pass


#Duodacy12: Fist of Fury

The mass transit on lanes in a roiling jumble
Driver wont pack on curb while taking passenger
Hit on the behind and last sanity crumble
White hot steam escape ears in uproars of anger
“How could you have stopped in the middle o’ the road?”
         “Don’tchu have no brakes? Or are you as dumb as blind?”
         “Wha…?!? So this is my fault, I think you are stone-cold”
         “Stand still, lemme get a crack at ya, foolish child”
Easy my man, park well when you need to
Be considerate of other road users
And stop throwing those fists around, will you
Your vehicle isn’t too damaged either


#Duodacy13: The Criminal Queue Jumper

The water scarce; many yet, the buckets
Time lag; drop blue bucket, note position
Go away; much later, others bring kegs
Blue bucket, no owner; smart Keg shift on
“Hey, but my bucket was never behind that keg!”
         “Where were you while others were monitoring theirs?”
         “But for civil constraints, I’d knock your stupid head”
         “its done in your mind already, please drop the airs”
Chuckles, don’t think I know how to handle this one
Bro, you really should stay on your queue, this you know
Dude, you should be less smug about the jump you made
Wait, where is my bucket, who took my black bucket?


Twitter: @daniels1olak

Instagram: el.shazzar



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